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之远简介 brief introduction of ZhiYuan company


Shanghai ZhiYuan culture communication co.,ltd was established in 2005, we are the professional videos production company which specialized in providing CG animation ,related games videos .


Our company has strong actual strength and rich experience in videos making,and our technology team  work with tacit cooperation,perfect video production level,creative designing ability,and humanized service .


Face to the challenges of constant changes in network games markets  ,ZhiYuan culture still insists on its purpose “ all is with market demand ,customers requirements as starting point”,constantly provide perfect advertising videos for all kinds of excellent games .we devote ourselves to the China network entertainment industry .


We aimed at making Chinese own CG animations, Chinese own CG film magnum opus ,we make great efforts to realize this goal.

团队介绍 团队核心成员平均有8年以上工作经验,可根据每个项目的特点为客户量身打造出色的包装方案,提供全方位的技术支持与后续服务。

Team introduction :the core member of our team has above 8years related working experience ,can  customize outstanding packaging solutions , provide a omnibearing technical support and aftersales service .

企业文化 持之以恒,共创未来,相互学习,共同进步,学会感恩,真诚待人

Enterprise culture :Perseverance ,create a better future ,learn to each other,common progress,to be grateful and honest.

企业价值观   实力创造经典、品质来源努力。 客户的满意是我们永远的追求

Enterprise Value:The actual strength of the creation of the classic,quality is rooted in endeavor.we aspire to satisfy customers requirements.

产品类型/业务范围: products types and business range


CG animation :the wholly high definition picture ,can make all kinds of grand and spectacular scenes ,shows the customers actual strength and products’s wide used in large scale product launch ,game titles,TV advertising ,games process cartoon ,networking releases ,business cooperation ,etc.


UE4 Cartoon animation :same as  CG,suits for series manufacture ,more used in Q version games and kids products

游戏片头 :游戏开场时的一场戏,旨在引导玩家对游戏感兴趣,通过一定的叙述或或剪辑精彩片段,以背景故事大致情节为主,穿插游戏自身特色的特色,吸引玩家。

Games titles :the games at the beginning of the games ,all is to attract players ,by narrating and clipping wonderful footages.shows the games mainly stories and feature of the games itself.


Video clips :a large amount of games materials ,through clipping and packaging ,to complete a coherent and smooth ,univocal ,distinctive theme and full of artistic appeal advertising work .


Marketing videos :add a large of pop elements in the animation or filming videos,advertise the products in the videos ,and easy to resonate networking customers,make more people to disseminate to each other,.


Video commentary :through interpreting and demonstrating ,present the products content,feature,factors,relations,functions to players or audience in the form of humor ,legpull,mystery .

微电影拍摄 :通过拍摄及录制手法制作专门运用在各种新媒体平台上播放的、适合在移动状态和短时休闲状态下观看的、具有完整策划和完整故事情节的微时放映、微规模投资的视频电影短片。

Micro film :through filming and recording ,to play in the platform of all kinds of new media,suitable for watching in the mobile and leisure condition ,own a whole scheme and completely storyline,small scale investment filmlet .


3D animation /film: the designers design the characters ,scenes ,props etc and endue it the features then to set a virtual movie world ,show the real products that customers want to express .


Series cartoon : in the form of cartoon ,through series storyline to create continuous ,imaginative and creative story .attract people with small but perfect short film. And by creating people’s special characters and new products factors ,improve products addictive value .


Exhibition video : used in the large scale products launch ,exhibitions ,business conferences .


Flash video: making videos with flash ,the style of this video is fresh and lovely,high loading speed ,high spreading efficiency .


Our company has gained very good comments from many domestic famous games companies due to our professional technology skills and special creation and good service .


We will provide good quality and dedicated service to both old and new customers continuously .


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